A video about our program in Evanston, IL. created by student, Henry Testard.

No two are the same: we meet each student where they are at to customize their life learning!

  • Individualized one-on-one tutoring and academic support to develop executive functioning skills, study skills, understanding content, and ensuring the use of resources.

  • Career services to learn how to search for jobs, explore interests, and to develop skills and confidence in the application and interview process, as well as maintaining the position.

  • Comprehensive independent living skills sessions designed to enable your student to be successfully self-reliant in all areas of life.

  • One-on-one finance management session to gain the tools necessary to become fiscally responsible.

  • Work hard, play hard! We organize a monthly social events calendar based on student suggestions. Students develop friendships and practice social skills in real life situations.

  • At least once a week advising sessions to ensure oversight of services.

  • Two social workers on staff for social and emotional support.

  • Workshops and group programming that include nutrition, creative writing, healthy relationships, fitness challenges, and yoga.



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