Our program focuses on six areas of a student's life. We take an individualized approach to ensure that each student is able to realize their full potential. No cutting corners, just the help they need when they need it.

We have three options for programming: Students-In-Residence (Full time), Choices Students ( a la carte services to create one’s own programming), and Skype.


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We focus our academic program based on the goals of the student and family. Once an individualized plan has been created, we help each student apply for school and accommodations, and register for classes, tailoring our services to make sure that the academic goal is met. Students learn to navigate a college campus, advocate for themselves and utilize public transportation.


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Taking into account each student's unique interests, we review the student's abilities to determine a successful career path. We help build resumes, prepare for interviews and provide job coaching along the way. We assist students in finding part-time and full time jobs, internships, as well as volunteer opportunities with local businesses. Our philosophy is two-fold: strong self-esteem builds a strong work ethic and vice versa.



Witness the transformation! Every student in the student-in-residence program will receive at least 2 independent living skills (ILS) sessions each week with one of our life skills instructors. These sessions help the student learn to live healthy, organized and autonomous lives.


Sessions cover exercise (including a membership to a health club feet from the apartments), nutrition, hygiene, cleanliness, safety, security and transportation. Each plan is individualized to focus on the areas that the student and parents feel is deserved of most attention. 



Responsible spending, we can all agree, is paramount to reducing stress and successful independence. Working with each family, we create a realistic weekly budget. Students learn finance skills in order to live within their budget, which is enforced by meeting at least once a week with a finance manager. They learn how to track expenses, pay bills, avoid scams, develop good credit, use ATMs as well as writing, depositing and endorsing checks.



Students meet individually with our contracted therapist every week, or we assist in coordinating care with the student’s current therapist. If needed, the social workers on staff meets with students individually or in groups to develop social skills and understanding the complexity of their social world. This service is customized where various methods of developing and practicing social skills are applied. This can involve games, art activities, community outings in small groups, and individual sessions in a clinical setting.



Students receive a calendar of social events each month based on suggestions provided and agreed upon by the group. Everyone is allowed an opportunity to plan a social event to ensure that we offer a broad variety. Whether its a movie, a concert, the beach or a trip downtown, we aim to keep things exciting.  Students are encouraged to interact with others outside of the program as well. Group meals happen regularly and are very popular, with no shortage of restaurants in the area. Each event is safely chaperoned by our on staff, and we welcome people outside of our program to apply to join!


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Our organization hosts yoga classes every Friday at our center and we host a variety of workshops throughout the year. Our workshops and groups have included Executive Function Coaching, First Aid, Healthy Relationships, and a Managing Technology and Life therapy group. We provide on-site cooking lessons and group lessons for all students if desired.