Join Our Social Events


Thank you for wanting to be part of our social group!  Attached are short forms to complete. As a participant in this program, you will be emailed a monthly calendar of events and you can choose which you would like to attend.  The chaperones will request that you RSVP by text or email two days before the event.  They will also welcome your input for future plans. 

There is a monthly administrative cost of $30 per month that does not include the cost of the activities you attend.  You have the option of making payments by PayPal on our website, check or cash.  Payment must be received by the 15th of the prior month to ensure full participation in all upcoming activities.   Checks should be mailed to 1515 Maple Ave., Suite 190, Evanston IL 60201.

Please sign both attached waivers.  We do take pictures at our events and we don’t want to exclude people from our snapshots of fun events! 

We are so excited you will be joining our group.  We’re looking forward to meeting you and going on new adventures.  See you soon!

Samantha Kolkey - Executive Director

Tori Kause - Director of Programming and Development

Kevin Holbrook - Admissions and Academics Coordinator